Our accredited online learning builds confidence and boosts outcomes

Online learning can deliver a variety of training and support courses any time of day and directly to your customers

Accessible courses for everyone:
  • self paced learning
  • easy to read text
  • supportive voice-overs
  • low bandwidth video for those on low-cost mobile plans.

Employment support services

Helping people into new jobs can require a lot of support in different forms. Online learning can provide a key part of the solution, often in conjunction with other forms of support delivered face to face or remotely. This blended approach allows support staff to focus their valuable time on more personalised interventions, while the selective use of online learning opportunities provides additional support and underpinning knowledge.

Motivation. Let's talk about motivation for a moment. Not everyone is motivated to take part in learning. Even if they do the outcome can be a bit flat. The Digital College has found successfully completing an "end of course" assessment, and then being presented with an officially accredited certificate, provides participants with a demonstrable boost to their levels of confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

Where does online learning fit in?

Whether standalone or as part of a programme blended with staff support, online learning can provide valuable resources for people wishing to widen job opportunities or expose alternative employment aims. The learning can take the form of three complementary approaches: skills training; general advice and support; and familiarisation with industry requirements. These approaches can significantly reduce the challenge of securing suitable employment and enhances the chances of progression within that role.

Employability Skills training

Online learning can deliver a great grounding in many modern workplace skills. These could be general skills (customer care) or specific skills (restaurant hospitality). Even areas such as construction can have a lot of "off the job" learning (health and safety, working at height).

General advice and support

New entrants into work often require broad support to settle them into a new routine and environment. There will be many changes in their lives that can make starting a new job a challenge before and during the first few months. Online resources can greatly contribute to re-assuring someone that what they are feeling is not unique and by offering ways to address concerns.

Industry familiarisation

Lack of knowledge about an industry can hinder those seeking work int hat industry for the first time. Starting working in a new occupational area, as opposed to a familiar occupation, can be quite challenging.  E-learning modules can easily fill the knowledge gaps and provide reassurance for people wishing to move into different industries.

The benefits of online learning in employment support

The unique nature of online learning offers many benefits when deployed alone or used as part of a blended learning and development solution. Advantages include:

  • provision of support on a remote basis, greatly assisting those with travelling or mobility issues;
  • automatically recording and storage or accurate learning records;
  • delivery of targeted learning on an individual basis. No need to wait for a classroom to fill up;
  • provision of consistent, high quality learning and assessment - the same every time for everyone;
  • support available to your customers and staff 24x7. This caters for those requiring in-work support.

Why use The Digital College?

  • THE most accessible courses Easy to read, available anywhere
  • Accredited learning Official certificates from Highfield (Ofqual recognised)
  • Courses designed for Employment support Entry level content to help people into work
  • Easy self-service portal for front-line staff Setup customers quickly. Monitor progress instantly.

Popular courses for employability and employment support

Mental health and wellbeing

We recognise that support needs to encompass mental health and general wellbeing. Our portfolio includes a number of courses that can provide help and advice to those entering and participating in work.

CFO Activity Hubs

Digital College are proud to support Interventions Alliance’s delivery of CFO Activity Hubs, assisting individuals by developing and delivering accredited online vocational training courses designed to improve employment and industry specific skills, ultimately moving them closer to the labour market.

Digital College support individuals in Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Bristol, Chatham and Hastings. CFO Activity Hubs are part funded by the European Social Fund.