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Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment RQF


Need a Level 1 Health and Safety qualification for your CSCS Green Card, also known as the Labourers Card? Study the course and pass the test in the comfort of our own home with our online training. Includes official Highfield Level 1 Award on completion.

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Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment RQF



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CSCS Compliant Qualification

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Subtitles: English, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian

Duration: Self-paced study

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This Level 1 Award Health and Safety course and test, awarded by Highfield Qualifications, is aimed at learners who currently work, or want to work, in construction. Successful completion will enable you to move on to take the CITB health, safety and environment test, and then apply for the new Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) Green Card. This card allows access to construction sites in the UK as a non-skilled worker and is designed to improved overall site safety.

This course provides the online learning, practice test, exam and certificate for a Level 1 Award qualification to apply for a CSCS Green card.

  • Online training: Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment
  • Progress tests and practice assessment
  • Booking of Level 1 Qualification examination (online or in a locally convenient approved exam location)

Note: You will also need to pass the CITB Operatives Test to order your card.
We can provide this qualification AND the CITB Operatives Test within a single package: CSCS Green Card Package


How does the online training and exam work?

  1. Our online training is provided through video with short progress exams. Subtitles in English, Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian are available for the videos. A full preparation exam is included with the training so you will be ready for the exam.
  2. The online multiple choice exam can be taken on a laptop with a camera in a suitably quiet location. Your activity on the screen and via the webcam is recorded during the whole assessment.
  3. The Level 1 qualification exam is only delivered in English.


Don't want an online exam? Here are our local test centres

Here are the test centres available across our network. No other provider has as much choice! Centres either offer a flexible choice of dates and time or pre-scheduled calendar of tests.


Don't see a test centre nearby? Call us and ask us about online testing!


Flexible times: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Bromley, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Clapham, Crewe & Nantwich, Croydon, Dover, Edinburgh, Enfield, Glasgow, Guildford, Halifax, Hendon, Hounslow, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London - City EC2, London - High Holborn, Maidstone, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Southend, Stratford, Swansea, Taunton, Warrington, Watford


Note: CITB will be responsible for supplying your card once the application has been submitted. We cannot offer any guarantees for the time to receive a card once ordered from CITB.


The Level 1 Health and Safety in a construction environment is also available as a standalone course

Course Syllabus

  • Course Introduction

    How the course will work - the flow from the Level One Award "Health and safety in a construction environment", through the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test, to receiving your CSCS "Green Card".

  • Introduction to the learning element of the Level One Qualification "Health and Safety in a Construction Environment"

    Here we describe the purpose, range and structure of the Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment qualification part of the combined course.

  • A1 - The Importance of Health and Safety

    This first unit covers the importance of health and safety.

  • A2 - The Reasons for Good Health and Safety

    This section outlines the reasons for good health and safety.

  • A3 - Legal Responsibilities for Health and Safety

    In this final unit of Module A, we examine the legislation that underpins health and safety, as well as the responsibilities of employers and employees. It also explains how the end of module tests work on this course.

  • B1 - Key Terms used in Health and Safety

    We kick off Module B with a look at key terms that are used in health and safety, which will stand you in good stead for the rest of the course and beyond.

  • B2 - Risk Assessments and Method Statements

    In this section, we introduce you to risk assessments and method statements, along with the 5 steps to risk assessment process.

  • B3 - Working at Height

    B3 covers different methods of working at height and the safety precautions that need to be adhered to for each of them

  • B4 - Manual Handling

    In this section, we define the term "manual handling" and go on to discuss best practice in assessing the risk attached to manual handling operations and how to manually handle items safely.

  • B5 - Noise and Vibration

    In the final unit of Module B, we look at the hazards that can be created by excessive noise and vibration and what control measures can be put in place to ensure a good level of health and safety.

  • C1 - Fatalities, Injuries and Ill-health in construction

    To begin our third module, we look at the main causes of fatalities, major injuries and ill-health in construction.

  • C2 - Slips and Trips

    This section covers the type of accidents and injuries that are most common in the work place - slips and trips.

  • C3 - Moving Vehicles and Mobile Plant

    This unit covers site traffic and control measures to ensure good levels of health and safety.

  • C4 - Work Equipment

    To finish off this module, C4 covers types of work equipment and methods for their safe use.

  • D1 - Fire

    D1 covers fire hazards and precautions.

  • D2 - Electricity

    This section covers the hazards and dangers associated with electricity and discusses what control measures can be put in place to ensure good levels of health and safety.

  • E1 - Hazardous Substances

    E1 looks at what we mean by hazardous substances, the legal requirements around the handling and storage of hazardous substances, and control measures to ensure a good level of health and safety.

  • E2 - Asbestos

    E2 takes a deeper dive on the hazardous substance of asbestos, including its common uses, the different types, and appropriate PPE to wear when working with asbestos.

  • E3 - Classifications and Labels of Hazardous Substances

    Use this unit to learn about how hazardous substances are put into similar groups (or classifications) and the labels that are used to highlight them.

  • F1 - Alcohol and Drugs

    F1 looks at the possible adverse effects of alcohol and drugs in the workplace.

  • F2 - Health and Safety Signs; F3 - Personal Protective Equipment; F4 - Welfare Facilities & Personal Hygiene

    In these sections, we cover health and safety signs, personal protective equipment (PPE), welfare facilities and personal hygiene respectively.

  • F5 - Emergencies & First Aid; F6 - Reporting Accidents & Ill-Health

    F5 covers procedures for dealing with emergencies and the requirement to provide adequate first aid facilities. F6 looks at the importance of accurately recording all accidents and incidents of ill-health, including legal requirements to report certain accidents and types of ill-health that originate in the workplace.

  • Revision 1 - Health & Safety

    In this first unit, we explain how the revision module works and revise what health and safety is, the differences between "health" and "safety", the 2 main Acts of legislation that underpin health and safety law, and employers' and employees' responsibilities under these Acts.

  • Revision 2 - Definitions and Hazard Types

    This section recaps definitions of key terms throughout the course, the 5 types of hazards, the 5 steps to risk assessment, and the hierarchy of controls for working at height.

  • Revision 3 - Manual Handling, Noise and Vibration

    In this section, we revisit typical injuries of manual handling, noise and vibration, as well as the correct lifting technique and control measures for noise.

  • Revision 4 - Injuries and Moving Vehicles

    This unit revises the main causes of fatalities and major injuries, the most common ill-health problems, the hazards of moving vehicles, work equipment and machinery, and the control measures for moving vehicles.

  • Revision 5 - Fire and Electricity

    This unit re-examines the hazards of fire and electricity.

  • Revision 6 - Asbestos and Hazardous Substances

    Here, we recap the world of asbestos and hazardous substances.

  • Revision 7 - Alcohol, Health and Safety Signs, and PPE

    Unit 7 focuses on the effects of alcohol and drugs misuse, the 4 colours used for health and safety signs, and different types of personal protective equipment.

  • Revision 8 - Personal Hygiene and Reporting Incidents

    In the final content revision unit, we re-examine best practices for personal hygiene, why it's important to report incidents, and the types of incidents that must be reported to the HSE.

  • Revision 9 - Exam Format

    Here, we talk you through how your Level 1 exam will look, as well as offer some exam tips.

  • Revision 10 - Exam Equipment

    If you decide to take your exam online, there are certain equipment requirements. We explain what those requirements are in this unit, along with what happens when you submit your exam booking to us.

Obtaining your certificate

You will need to pass a multiple-choice exam after you have completed the course in order to gain the official qualification. But don’t worry – we will ensure that you are well prepared with our revision module and mock exam.

Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment RQF

Need a Level 1 Health and Safety qualification for your CSCS Green Card, also known as the Labourers Card? Study the course and pass the test in the comfort of our own home with our online training. Includes official Highfield Level 1 Award on completion.



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