CSCS Card advice for those supplying the construction industry

Many construction sites require all workers have a CSCS card, in order to keep everyone safe while working in a potentially dangerous environment. Many companies that visit construction sites may need to ensure their workers have the appropriate card too.

The Digital College can help you and your colleagues quickly gain CSCS cards, without costly time offsite.

I'm not a builder. Why do I need a CSCS Card to work on a building site?

Health and safety training is advisable for everyone working on a building site, regardless of their role. Without training, workers could put their safety at risk and those of their colleagues. For this reason CSCS cards are required on most sites for those actually working there.

I'm just visiting/delivering. Do I need a CSCS card?

Many sites have offices and delivery areas that can be accessed without a CSCS card. However the need for a card will be at the discretion of a site operator based on their risk assessment.

The risk profile and layouts of sites will change. Don't assume the same procedure to access a site is acceptable every time.

Does it apply to cleaners, electricians, IT engineers, etc?

If a site requires CSCS cards, then everyone working on that site should have a valid CSCS card. Many different types of card exist. However if you are a sub-contractor working under the supervision of the site operators, then you are likely to be ok with a Green Card

Get the right CSCS Card

Firstly, you need to make sure that you get the right CSCS card. This depends on your skills, experience and what your role will be in construction.

We have highlighted the main cards below but other, more specialised, cards are available. For many accessing sites the CSCS Labourer's Card (Green) would be adequate.

  • Green: Labourer's card:
  • Blue: Skilled worker:
  • Black: Manager

CSCS Green cards online

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