General questions

Q.Can the course be taken in any other language?

A. No, but it’s okay for someone to translate on the learner’s behalf as long as they don’t assist.

Q. I live overseas but want to work in the UK. Can I take your courses?

A. Yes you can! Many of our courses have digital certificates so you can receive your award easily anywhere in the world. For those coming to the UK to work, you can study and gain your certificates before you arrive.

Q. Do your courses or certificates expire?

A. Our courses and certificates are mostly lifetime awards. However we would advise that learners refresh their knowledge every 2-3 years depending on their involvement.

CSCS Card tests need to be retaken every 5 years.

Q. I have bought a course. Can I transfer it course to another person?

A. Sure. Please contact us and we can transfer it. You can buy courses on behalf of other people.

Q. I have bought a course but lost the link. How do I access it?

A. All your courses, past and present, as visible under My account once you login.

Help for organisations

Q. Where can I get a VAT receipt for my purchase?

A. Contact us by email [email protected] or call.

Q. Do you offer customised versions of the content for my organisation.

A. Yes we can. Get in touch if you want to discuss more.

Q. I want to use your site as part of our site/with my branding. Can we do this.

A. Yes you can. Our custom written platform is designed to be extended to work with your business. Get in touch if you want to discuss more.

Q. We want to manage our training platform ourselves. How flexible is it?

A. In a word VERY. You can have two levels of administrators (superusers and everyday admins) and multiple locations.

Q. I want to buy courses for many colleagues/staff. Can we setup a credit account?

A. We have a portal designed for businesses and offer flexible pricing packages based on volume. Credit may be extended as part of this facility. Contact us to set up your business account.

Q. Who do I contact with a query about our bill?

A. [email protected] or call us.