Anyone authorising the sale of alcohol is required to obtain a Personal Licence from their local council

Licensed Premises must ensure that someone with a Personal Licence authorises every sale of alcohol. This usually means that all staff involving in the sale of alcohol, such as selling from a bar, are Personal Licence Holders.

Both individuals and premises must apply to their local council in order to become licensed.

How do you get a Personal Licence?

You will need to apply for a Personal Licence from your local council - that is the one where you live. There are a few steps but it is similar to getting a passport. You will need to do the following:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Get the Level 2 Award for Personal License Holders Qualification
  • Obtain and complete a Personal License application form to your local council
  • Obtain a check from the Disclosure and Barring Service. (This is the new version of the CRB check).
  • Get two passport sized photos signed by a professional to prove your identity
  • Submit the application form, your qualification certificate, your DBS check and two photos to your local council
  • Pay the local council application fee, which will be around £40

I need the Personal License Holders qualification. How do I get it?

All Personal Licence Holders are required to pass the Personal License Holders qualification, sometimes called the APLH qualification.
The Digital College offers a fully online version of the course and allows candidates to sit the exam at home. On passing the exam you would receive the official Level 2 qualification, which is awarded by Highfield Qualifications, one the the UK's largest awarding bodies

Getting the qualification is straight forward

  • Work through our online study content
  • Get ready for the exam with our mock tests with a large bank of practice questions
  • Take the qualification multiple-choice exam at home or in one of our local test centres
  • Receive the official certificate, awarded by Highfield Qualifications, by email
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Working in catering?

The Digital College has a selection of other qualifications that may be beneficial if you work in catering

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Personal Licence Holder

Get your your Personal Licence Holder Award (APLH) the easy way. Train online in your spare time.

  • Narrated online video content
  • Activities and progress tests
  • Mock exam with realistic practice questions
  • Easy to use online exams
  • Official Highfield Qualification
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Need a Premises Licence?

You will need a Premises Licence if your venue:

  • sells alcohol
  • serves hot food and drinks between 11pm and 5am
  • offers certain types of entertainment such as sport, theatre or dancing

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