Essential IT Skills

Essential IT Skills
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Duration: 1 hr
Retake policy: Unlimited retakes

Digital Certificate
Accredited by Highfield Qualifications
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Our Essential IT Skills course provides a basic foundation in using a modern Windows computer. The course will introduce the learner to mouse and keyboard usage and slowly build their confidence in using the desktop. The course also offers a brief introduction into what applications are. Finally the learner is introduced to web browsing and printing.

The course syllabus is designed for people looking to gain a basic understanding of how to use a modern computer. This includes using everyday features of a modern desktop (Windows 10) and working with the internet through a browser.

1) Basic keyboard and mouse usage

  • Introduction the different key combinations
  • Using the cursor in applications
  • Left click, right click and wheel functions on a mouse

2) Computer security including password rules

  • Why computer security is important
  • Good and bad password rules
  • Logging in, signing out and powering down

3) Using the Windows desktop and managing files and folders

  • Maximising,  miniminsing and closing windows
  • Files and folders
  • Using the mouse with Drag and Drop

4) Using the internet; including search, bookmarks and tabs

  • Introduction to the internet
  • Using a browser to open and navigate sites
  • Searching with Google
  • Bookmarking sites
  • Using tabs to use several sites at once

5) Printing of files

  • Finding files to print
  • Steps to print a document
  • Print options

6) External storage devices and backing up files

  • Different types of external storage (eg USB sticks)
  • Advice of backing up information
  • How to copy information on and off a USB device

Digital Certificate
Accredited by Highfield Qualifications
£24.99 +VAT

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Paypal protected. Credit cards accepted