Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH)

The official qualification to serve alcohol in Scotland with our 100% online course. Study and take the exam at home.

Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH)
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Duration: 7 hrs (GLH)
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This is the official qualification required by local councils for anyone in Scotland applying for a Personal Licence to serve or sell alcoholic drinks. This delivers the complete training package of online study, practice questions, an invigilated exam and an official certificate to those that pass this qualification. The certificate can then be supplied to your local council as part of your Personal Licence application.

Applying for your Personal Licence


You need to apply for a licence from the local council in the country where you live. You may need an address in that country in order to receive the licence. The application requires that you have the "Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders" qualification.

Not sure how to do your DBS check and council application? We can take care of these for you with our complete Personal Licence application bundle.

Course Contents


The course provides a detailed examination of the licensing system in Scotland and the different types of licences that are available to apply for.

The course includes:
- Narrated video-lessons
- Progress quizzes
- A ;mock practice test, complete with review facility and a bank of changing questions.

Course sylabus

The course is organised as follows:

Section 1: An Introduction to Licencing

  • The definition of alcohol
  • An overview of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
  • Important features of licensing law, including the 5 licensing objectives, and what a "sale" and unlicensed sale of alcohol are
  • Key players in the alcohol licencing world

Section 2: Types of Licence, Control of Order and Associated Laws

  • Premises Licences, including application processes, renewals, mandatory conditions and licence holder duties
  • Personal Licences, including application processes, renewals, mandatory conditions and licence holder duties
  • Occasional Licences, including application processes, renewals, mandatory conditions and licence holder duties
  • How policy is enforced through police powers and other relevant statutory bodies
  • Other associated laws

Section 3: Understanding Alcohol and Responsible Retailing

  • Alcohol and its effects on the brain and behaviour, as well as its short and long-term effects
  • What constitutes moderate drinking and drunkenness
  • The effects of alcohol abuse on both retail businesses and society as a whole
  • How to spot and deal with drug related crime
  • Laws surrounding underage drinking and the Proof of Age Standards Scheme
  • How to deal with conflict

Section 4: Exam Preparation

  • Exam tips
  • Recap of the course content
  • Taking the end of course assessment

Obtaining your certificate

You will need to pass a multiple choice exam at the end of the course in order to gain the official qualification. But don't worry - we will ensure that you are well prepared with our revision module and "mock" practice exam.


How does the online training and exam work?


Our online training is provided through video with short progress exams. A full preparation exam is included with the training so you will be ready for the exam.


The online multiple choice exam can be taken on a laptop with a camera in a suitably quiet location. Your activity on the screen and via the webcam is recorded during the whole assessment and reviewed by the examining body.

£99 +VAT

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