Implementing a policy to promote better health at work

The Health and Wellbeing of employees and those we work with is an important consideration for organisations.

Supporting good mental health is a key component of a healthy workforce, which in turn makes your organisation a more enjoyable and productive place to work.


Communicating and implementing a Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy is an important step to providing a healthy work environment. We have put together a sample policy that you make wish to use as a starting point for your organisation.

Raising awareness of Mental Health through online learning

Online training provides a very time effective and cost effective way to raise awareness of Mental Health and provide some help and support. By deploying web resources such as presentations, FAQs and e-learning video, you can quickly reach employees no matter where and when they work.

Our sample policy frequently refers to effective communication and training to promote a positive healthy workplace. You mind find that a blended approach of face-to-face seminars, periodic emails and online training resources is exactly what you need to implement it.

The Digital College provides an online course that handles the training and awareness called Awareness of Mental Heath in the Workplace

Policy implementation checklist (see policy below)

  • Appoint a senior leader as the owner of your Mental Health Policy.
  • Consider whether you need local "champions" to actively support the policy with branches or divisions.
  • Download our sample policy below. There other resources on the internet as well.
  • Involve a broad selection of your workforce in reviewing the policy.
  • Ensure that management are trained and aware of their obligations to support the policy.
  • Identify and train appropriate staff where more specialist support is required (such as Mental Health First Aid).
  • Put in place a robust procedure to ensure that existing and a future staff are aware of, and understand the policy.
  • Have a communication plan that re-inforces the aims of the policy, recognising supportive activities and positive outcomes such as lower sickdays.
  • Schedule the first review of the policy in six to twelve month.

Download your sample Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Click here to view our sample policy.

The benefits of online learning

Online learning is proven to be a very effective method to communicate a core set of messages and teaching to a widespread and diverse audience. In the case of Mental Health Awareness, it also offers a degree of anonymity; colleagues will not see an employee open certain links or websites in they have immediate concerns.

  • Learning can take place anytime and anywhere - the learner just needs to have an appropriate device and access to the internet.
  • Deliver learning in classes of one. No need to wait for a classroom to fill up.
  • The same high quality delivery of training and assessment every time.
  • Reduce overhead in managing training and assessment.
  • Automatically record staff training records.

The Digital College has several courses that will support any organisation and their initiatives to promote a healthy workplace.

Online training to support employee Mental Health

Our online courses provide learning on the topic of mental health and also provide targeted awareness on two of the factors that can cause issues.

Third party resources

Courses for employee health and safety